Is that tuna in my sushi ?

March 18, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fishing and boaing news,Uncategorized

A lot of publicity has been given to seafood fraud. It makes me wonder Is that tuna in my sushi.

People worry about Maine Lobster, Maryland crabs and Gulf shrimp labeling, but most ignore other areas. Fish filets with no skin are almost impossible to identify.

Oceana claims that 74% of the fish sold at sushi places is not tuna. The problem that creates the fraud is that local seafood is more expensive   There is help coming to the tracking area,

95% of sushi restaurants has at least one item on their menu that was faked.

Other fish are also affected. 92% of snapper is mislabeled. Snapper is under strict fishing controls and substitution gets around that.

The New York times reports that Red’s Best, a seafood distributor has developed software to help consumers. They are attaching a label to fish that can be scanned by a smartphone. It will go to a web page with the details of that fish , including where it was caught.

Other companies that have software working are:

Sea to Table

A Brooklyn  company supplying chefs and universities with seafood.

Wood fisheries in Florida uses Trace register.

Oceana, Google and SkyTruth are developing a program called Global Fishing Watch to use satellite data to track fishing boats.

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