What you should know when fishing with friends

June 5, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fishing and boating tips

Things a deckhand should know

Offshore fishing is a tough sport. It can be long days and overnights. Whether you are a recreational fisherman fishing with friends or a mate on a charter boat, the deckhands should know some basic things to make your fishing successful.

On a commercial boat the mate has to act as a host to guests. He may get drinks, make sandwiches and keep the guests entertained while waiting for a bite.

On your private boat your fellow fishermen are the deck hands. They don’t have to entertain the guests. They can split up the work anyway they wish , but they should know how to do several things.

Be Alert and watchful at all times

You can’t depend on the captain to see everything.  He has to keep watch on the electronics and control the boat. Spotting a tailing or jumping fish, a weedline or a flock of birds can save the whole day.

The guys on the deck should be watching for weeds or trash on the trolling lines, or baits that are chewed up or not running right.

Learn to tie and untie the boat

Every deckhand or regular fisherman on an private boat should know the basics of docking and undocking. Little things like taking a turn on a cleat to hold the boat in place with the ability to take in out let out line.

Friends fishing on a private boat should take direction from the captain as to which lines to fasten or unfasten. Normally a bow line is first to fasten and last to unfasten. A deckhand should know how the boat will react to wind and tide, but a fishing friend should follow directions from the captain who knows how his boat will react.

Cleaning the boat

A professional deckhand is responsible for cleaning the boat. This includes cleaning the head. A fishing friend should help to clean the boat after a fun day on the water. You owe your friend the captain that consideration.

Remember it takes time to clean a boat properly. When fishing with friends, don’t leave the mess for your friend. When I had a 26′ center console clean up by myself took and hour or 2. When I had a larger boat 3-4 hours or more. Sometimes I did the salt, dirt and fish mess right away and finished the detail stuff the next day. It can be a big job.

The Captain will instruct you as to equipment and detergents to use in what area.

Don’t mess with the drags

When fishing with friends, don’t mess with the drags unless you are told too. Most guys fishing offshore use lever drags , which they preset before fishing. Lever drags are very accurate and can be preset so that line is under proper tension. If you are using star drags, they may have to be adjusted , but you should follow instructions from those who know how.

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