January 9, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fishing and boating tips

Yellowfin tuna Fishing  is one of the greatest experiences  for the angler. They are extremely aggressive and they tend to be very picky about what they attack. That is why light leaders are often important. Often no presentation seems to tempt them.

A new technique to try in northern waters may be kite fishing. It is so effective in Florida as a way to fish live baits. The live bait skittering across the water seems to be maddening to the tuna lurking below the surface. It puts the bait away from the distraction of the boat and no line or hook is visible in the water.

Picking the right kite is important. Capt Bob Lewis makes great kites in different weights. The most useful are the x-light, light, and medium wind kites. They will serve the purpose most of the time. You will probably need 2 kites and you will have to adjust for the wind conditions in your area.

There is also a premade kite fishing line with 2  release clips. It removes the guesswork from the set up especially for a beginner. Rods need to have guides big enough for swivels to pass and reels with enough drag to handle a kite.


The first challenge in kite fishing is selecting and purchasing the right kite...or kites for that matter...

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