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  • Tuna reports 7-28

    July 28, 2015
    Delaware OFFSHORE OCEAN Anglers who troll from dusk to midnight have been catching good numbers of bigeye tuna. The fish have shown up in the Baltimore, Poorman’s and Washington canyons. I have caught bigeyes on 50-pound standup gear, but if I had to crank one up today I would want an 80-pound outfit and a [...]
  • World Record Dorado Caught in Cabo San Lucas

    A few days ago a group of guys came into the office after their days’ fishing aboard Pisces 60 ft. Hatteras Shambala they were excited and sunburnt and eager to get some Pisces Sportfishing shirts. We asked the group what they had caught and were stunned when 33 year old Brian Lindsey, a physician from [...]
  • bluefin

    Tuna Reports 7-23

    New Jersey Yesterday we did our first offshore trip of the season for bluefins. The day started off very slow with a few knockdowns, but ended great. On the way inshore we ran into the fish on the surface. We were able to go 5 for 8 in about an hour and a half on [...]